SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD: Which 3D CAD Software is Correct for You?

SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD: Which 3D CAD Software is Correct for You?
  • Jul 09,2021

Being a SOLIDWORKS reseller, we frequently are asked approximately the variations between SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD as a 3D CAD software.

While we of course stand by SOLIDWORKS Desktop and Cloud solutions in our product portfolio, we will attempt to draw an honest comparison between SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD, and leave the rest up to you.

What is the Difference Between AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS?

It may assist to begin with a little backstory on every software program.

In 1982, AutoCAD turn out to be the first CAD system for desktops to hit the market. Impressively, it changed into launched even before other more terrific software programs like Microsoft Windows and Adobe Photoshop.

Before this software came along, most design works became executed on drafting desks with t-squares. Any new variations of drawings and their coinciding calculations could take days or weeks to create and left room for error.

Thankfully, 3D CAD software took off, and a few years later in 1993, SOLIDWORKS changed into formed (and launched in 1995) by way of a team of engineers to create 3D CAD more accessible.

Now, after over 25 years, each tool has grown to be established in its own right with distinct capabilities.

Noteworthy AutoCAD Features:

•    A Non-parametric tool commonly used for 2D drafting, but has 3D functionality, too.
•    Native CAD format is DWG however helps DXF format as well.
•    Import/export image and PDF formats.

Key Features of SOLIDWORKS:

•    Parametric 3D CAD tool with 2D functionality through Draftsight.
•    Integrated simulation (FEA) tools.
•    Realistic rendering and animation capabilities.
•    Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) functionality.

Why Pay More for SOLIDWORKS When AutoCAD Seems Similar and Inexpensive?

While a side-by-side comparison may make it appear as although SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD provide equal capabilities, there’s a significant difference in capability. Many of the products in the Autodesk suite are limited variations of existing products that don’t easily transfer data from one application to the following. To transfer data from one application to another often needs complicated workarounds.

SOLIDWORKS, on the other hand, gives tools that can make modifications dynamically and have in-depth capabilities and productivity. this is because they run inside a single interface and changes can be realized instantly.

With SOLIDWORKS’ parametric features, you can “go back in time” and make changes to your designs. The software continues a history of design steps you’ve already taken to reduce design rework when a change is required. It also prevents you from making mistakes where dimensions don’t match their geometry. Since drawings, parts, and assemblies are associative in SOLIDWORKS, you never have to worry about your drawings or assemblies being obsolete or out of sync.

Is SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD Better?

This query comes all the way down to personal preference and what you're wanting your 3D CAD tool to perform. We stand using SOLIDWORKS because of its rich environment of integrated design, simulation and manufacturing products which have become an industry-standard due to their renowned ease-of-use and acclaimed user community network.

After all, over two million customers can’t be incorrect.

The vast network of SOLIDWORKS customers speaks for itself with a strong community of skilled users and local consumer companies that you could get concerned in. SOLIDWORKS makes use of exceptional design skills, knowledge, and user network to broaden new ideas and make steady upgrades to their services.

A bonus in their product is the Certification Program, which presents a handy way to degree a user’s qualifications and makes certain strong ability sets.

Overall, SOLIDWORKS has an ease of use that is attractive to users, with an incorporated product and strong support available via resellers like Engineering Technique. Our highly skilled technical team can assist ensure a successful implementation of the suite of SOLIDWORKS tools.

Still, have questions about the advantages of SOLIDWORKS over competing 3D CAD software? Contact us at Engineering Technique can help you to evaluate your software needs and the way our solutions can solve your business objectives.

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