SOLIDWORKS PDM Top Enhancements in 2023

SOLIDWORKS PDM Top Enhancements in 2023
  • Oct 21,2022

Check out the top 5 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS® 2023 PDM.

From enhanced file tracking to improved file transfer security, better visualization, and more. Learn how you can work better together with faster and more secure data management capabilities.

Enhanced File Tracking

•    Track file downloads by individual users.
•    Easily view individual user Get actions with the new File Get log interface.
•    Review critical information about who downloaded files, where they were downloaded to, and when.

Benefits: Improve data security through more detailed audit trail information and file tracking.

Improved File Transfer Security

•    Encrypt file traffic between the archive server and the client.

Benefits: Increase data security when files are in transit.

Better Visualization

•    Communicate changes to design data better with the ability to customize PDM notification templates with HTML.
•    Utilize new file formats for data card images, including PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats.
•    Add tool tips for data card controls.
•    Display Thumbnails for eDrawings® files.

Benefits: Streamline notification information and improve the user experience.

Enhanced User and Group Controls

•    Easily restore previously deleted users.
•    Show inherited permissions by group.
•    Update user information using the Active Directory sync function.

Benefits: Improve user and group information and management.

Increased Performance

•    Upgrade SOLIDWORKS file versions faster using the File Version Upgrade Tool when overwriting the latest version.
•    Speed up archive and database communication with the client through improved WAN performance.

Benefits: Streamline upgrades and common operations in higher-latency environments.

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