SOLIDWORKS Simulation Top Enhancements in 2023

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Top Enhancements in 2023
  • Oct 17,2022

Check out the top 5 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS® 2023 Simulation.

From a new algorithm for underconstrained bodies to penalty stiffness control for contact, bonding between nonfacing surfaces, and more. learn how you can improve the speed and accuracy of your simulation studies.

New Algorithm for Underconstrained Bodies

•    Save time and avoid model setup errors by quickly detecting rigid body modes with a brand new, groundbreaking algorithm.
•    Take into account contact interactions and bolt connectors for an improved, more precise rigid body detection.

Benefits: Get simulation results faster by preventing setup errors before running the simulation.

Penalty Stiffness Control for Contact

•    Get convergence easier and faster by specifying the contact penalty stiffness with the new contact penalty stiffness scale factor.
•    Obtain an approximate solution faster by relaxing the contact penalty stiffness scale factor in linear static studies.

Benefits: Save time by obtaining faster convergence when relaxing the contact penalty stiffness scale factor.

Bonding Between Nonfacing Surfaces

•    Get better accuracy with an improved surface-to-surface bonding algorithm.
•    Enforce bonding interactions for faces that are not facing each other and have no projection area between them.

Benefits: Improve accuracy by obtaining results from interactions of faces that are not facing each other.

Solver Improvements

•    Expedite solution time with function-based stiffness data communication replacing file-based processing.
•    Take advantage of function-based processing for frequency, buckling, and linear static studies which include node-to surface interactions and virtual wall definitions.

Benefits: Solve frequency and buckling studies faster with solver improvements.

Plastics Material Database and Report Improvements

•    Improve simulation accuracy by using new and updated material grades with the latest property values from manufacturers while obsolete grades have been removed.
•    Browse materials more easily with the new enhanced material database manager.
•    Create richer documents easily with enhanced summary and report capabilities.

Benefits: Improve the accuracy of plastics injection simulation with up-to-date material data and enhanced usability.

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