Sustainable Design and SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Sustainable Design and SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
  • Jan 11,2020

Examine product environmental effect from within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability's life cycle assessment LCA. Expanding on the instruments of Sustainability Xpress, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability offers extra capacities, for example, assembly investigation, transportation mode evaluation and other parameter examinations including get together and use-stage vitality utilization.

Outcomes can be kept for individual configuration allowing for easy evaluation, the effect of parts can be emphasized within an assembly permitting to continually re-evaluate design sustainability. Reports are auto-generated allowing for crisp sustainability communication to contemporaries.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability works on the highest quality level GaBi Life Cycle Assessment LCA condition database from PE International with admission to updates as they become accessible, LCA databases can be mentioned for custom materials as a major aspect of the excellent help association with PE International.

Discover the features in SOLIDWORKS Sustainability:

•    Sustainable Design
•    GaBi Environmental Database
•    Material Optimisation
•    Screening-Level Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
•    Automatic Sustainability Report Generation
•    Environmental Impact Dashboard
•    Assembly Visualisation