What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2022

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2022
  • Jan 11,2022

In this blog post, we have highlighted the top features in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2022.

Keep reading to learn how SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2022 will help speed up every aspect of your design process with these new features.

Assembly Performance and Workflow

•    Save time when opening, closing, and saving assemblies with improved performance for these functions.
•    Open subassemblies faster using Large Design Review mode. From your assembly in Large Design Review mode, open subassemblies in Large Design Review mode or resolved mode.

Benefits: Work faster with large assemblies through expanded workflows and improved performance.

Expanded Use of Detailing Mode

•    Access Detailing mode for all drawings, regardless of the SOLIDWORKS version you saved them in or whether you saved them in Detailing mode.
•    Open a drawing in Detailing mode directly from an assembly in Large Design Review mode.

Benefits: Save time when opening and detailing a SOLIDWORKS drawing.

More Efficient Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

•    Work directly in the graphics area guided by the user interface in building feature control frames cell by cell.
•    Create tolerance frames per ISO 1101:2017 and the associated standards of ISO 2692, ISO 5458, ISO 5459, and ISO 8015.

Benefits: Work faster and more intuitively when tolerancing your designs.

Hybrid Modeling

•    Create a hybrid solid or surface body that includes mesh BREP geometry and classic BREP geometry.
•    Combine the advantages of mesh data with the accuracy and parametric features available in solid modeling.

Benefits: Save time when working with mesh geometry by using hybrid modeling.

Part Modeling Enhancements

•    Easily create external threaded stud features using the Stud Wizard.
•    Create draft on both sides of parting lines at the same time.
•    Mirror geometry about two planes at once instead of mirroring twice.
•    Create cosmetic threads more easily with an improved user interface and a more realistic appearance.

Benefits: Create part geometry faster and more easily.

Cut List Support in BOM Tables

•    Save time and create detailed cut lists in bill of materials (BOM) tables exactly the way you want them to appear by dissolving components in indented BOMs automatically or manually.
•    Create balloons for subweldment cut list items in BOMs in which balloon properties correspond to the linked BOM.
•    Create detailed cut lists for all BOM types, not just indented BOMs.

Benefits: Take advantage of enhanced BOM functionality with cut list improvements.

Configuration Tables

•    Create table-driven parts with SOLIDWORKS-native tables without the need for Microsoft® Excel.
•    Save time and effort with the automatic creation of configuration tables when parts or assemblies have multiple configurations.
•    Gain design flexibility with the additional functionality provided by Configuration Table, which is not available in the Modify Configurations dialog box.

Benefits: Save time when creating configurations with simplified integrated workflows.

Structure System and Weldment Improvements

•    Easily add end caps to Structure System tube members with circular, square, or rectangular profiles.
•    Create multiple secondary members using Between Points Member for the selected pair and secondary members with the Up to Members method.
•    Save time by defining a reusable connection element and inserting it on a structure system part.

Benefits: Create weldments faster and more easily with structure system improvements.

Performance Improvements for Import and Display

•    Open DXF™ or DWG files into a part sketch faster.
•    Open STEP files in SOLIDWORKS more quickly.
•    Enjoy faster display of 3D textures and silhouette edges.

Benefits: Speed up design with performance improvements in the areas of import and model display.

Improved Collaboration and Data Sharing

•    Accelerate innovation and decision-making by connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, where you can easily manage and share all your data and collaborate with others.
•    Using 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, access your favorite 3DEXPERIENCE commands from multiple places within SOLIDWORKS, including the File Menu, Command Manager, and Context menu, with support for all 3DEXPERIENCE operations.

Benefits: Increase your competitive advantage by tapping into the power and breadth of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.

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