What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022
  • Jan 12,2022

In this blog post, we have highlighted the top features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022.

Keep reading to learn how SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022 can validate design more quickly and confidently with these top new features.


New Linkage Rod Connector

•    Easily create this new Linkage Rod connector by selecting cylindrical faces, circular edges, and vertices without the need for geometry alterations.
•    Use a variety of joints, cross-sections, and materials.

Benefits: Use powerful connectors for easier setup and faster simulation.

Blended Curvature-Based Mesh Is Now the Default

•    Successfully mesh bodies which didn’t mesh before with the enhanced Blended Curvature-Based Mesh.
•    Specify mesh controls on bodies outside the global range to reduce mesh size and expedite solution time.

Benefits: Save time with a more robust and efficient mesh.

Enhanced Bonding and Contact

•    Reduce the number of constraints to boost performance and accuracy for bonding and contact.
•    Validate models significantly faster with the iterative solver.

Benefits: Solve models with bonding and contact considerably faster.

Parallel Processing Extended to Most Features

•    Expedite solution time with function-based stiffness data communication replacing file-based processing.
•    Take advantage of extending parallel processing speedup with the iterative solver to all connectors and most features.

Benefits: Solve models much faster with parallel processing improvements.

Faster Save

•    Reduce the time required to save SOLIDWORKS models when they have simulation studies.
•    Observe considerably faster saving time if at least one simulation study has not been modified.

Benefits: Save simulation studies significantly faster.

Automatic Equation Solver Selection Extended to Nonlinear, Frequency, and Buckling Analysis

•    Improve solution speed and memory usage considerably with the more accurate auto-selection of equation solver.
•    Select the best solver automatically, based on the number of equations, mesh type, geometric features, contact, connectors, available memory, and more.

Benefits: Reduce solution time with built-in intelligence for solver selection.


Injection Location Adviser

•    Obtain recommendations for up to four suitable injection locations as well as a preview of how the part will fill.

Benefits: Get optimal simulation results with the first simulation.

Cyclic and Symmetric Cavity and Runner Layouts

•    Create dedicated boundary conditions for cyclic and symmetric cavity and runner layouts.
•    Preview the cavity and runner layouts during the modeling stage to confirm their design specifications.
•    Simulate complex mold layouts by using reduced model size.

Benefits: Save time when computing complex mold layouts.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Scene Plot

•    Store all your displayed plots, model orientation, zoom, and part visibility within the scene plot.
•    Switch between scenes to display the plots saved in the scene and set the corresponding model display, zoom, and orientation.

Benefits: Save time when reloading results with improved post- results workflow.

Compare Merged Plots

•    Merge compared plots from different projects into a single image to see critical results at a glance.
•    Merge contour plots made for different design cases or power modes.
•    Clearly see the difference between cases graphically displayed in the plot for improved post-results comparison.

Benefits: Locate critical results faster and more easily.

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