How to Choose Right 3D Printing Services in India?

How to Choose Right 3D Printing Services in India?
  • Apr 13,2022

The 3D printing industry has grown enormously over the past few years in India. Many sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive, education, jewelry, construction, product design, healthcare, architectural, and consumer goods have adopted 3D printing technology.

If you are looking for the best 3D printing services provider in India that has all the important features such as “value for money”, “quality and fast services”, “outstanding client assistance and communication” then you should look into Engineering Technique.

The 3D printing industry of India

In terms of large-scale adoption of additive manufacturing, India is one of the major and populous countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Globally established 3D printing technology players such as EnvisionTEC (Original inventor of digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing technology and global provider of professional-grade 3D printing solutions) and Stratasys have already established their base in India, through partnerships and alliances with India-based technology firms.

Identifying possible 3D printing service providers

Nowadays, finding the best and most effective 3D printing service provider who handles your 3D printing work very smartly can be challenging. Check out the below checklist when evaluating the 3d printing service provider:

•    What are the 3D printing materials available?
•    Is a design assistance service available?
•    Are they well-experienced providers?
•    Does the provider offer various 3D printing techniques?
•    Does the 3D printer produce good quality prints?
•    Is there customer support available?
•    What are the 3D printing technologies used?
•    What is the lead time?
•    How good is the price comparing with other companies?


There are many 3D printing service providers in India to connect. Factors such as service provider’s profile, suitable materials, testimonials, innovation and creativity, high quality and fast services, good client assistance and communication, reliability, value for money, and etc. should all be considered when selecting a 3d printing service supplier.

Engineering Technique is one of the leading 3D printing company India offers accurate and cost-effective 3D rapid prototyping services to mechanical, medical researchers, civil, electrical, and automotive designers, and engineers, manufacturers, educationists, and hobbyists.

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