SOLIDWORKS Role in Revolutionizing the Consumer Product Industry

SOLIDWORKS Role in Revolutionizing the Consumer Product Industry
  • Dec 22,2021

The consumer product industry must constantly launch aesthetic and functional products at competitive prices. It faces multiple challenges of transitioning from designs to engineering. The designers may use generic tools to create initial sketches to give the product its aesthetics. The problem? These tools have complex interfaces which are ultimately time-consuming and error-prone. However, mechanical engineers use industry-specific tools to create detailed and functional designs.

Tools used by mechanical engineers allow them to create informative designs based on certain features and parameters. However, these tools lack intuitive sketching and surfacing, hindering the mass generation of advanced designer concepts. Thus, there are limitations.

On the other hand, SOLIDWORKS allows designers to create visually stunning concepts with their enhanced surfacing and sketching abilities and turn them into reality. Designers must create multiple designs and gain feedback, and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD helps with that. SOLIDWORKS helps designers in these ways:

Create multiple concepts in a short time frame

Designers can use sketching tools to sketch their best ideas in CAD. These sketches are the base of conceptual 3D models. Using sub-divisional modeling, designers can create multiple ergonomic concepts quickly. Since multiple concepts can be designed, designing the best product increases.

Collaborate with stakeholders

SOLIDWORKS uses cloud services to improve the product design process. How? SOLIDWORKS offers three solutions:

1.    Co-design to offer designers online spaces to collaborate on the project data.
2.    Co-review for users to share designs and collaborate (accessible only with a secure invite)
3.    Transparent data management.

Online communities allow users to invite members to leave critical feedback on the designs and guide them from any location.

Work seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS

Post-creation, a concept must be finalized. Designers can use SOLIDWORKS to push the product from a concept to the manufacturing process after the concept's finalization. Once the concept is launched in SOLIDWORKS Industrial designer, manufacturing features such as ribs, shell operations, fillets, etc., can be added to the industrial design.

However, if the design is altered with SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer, it can be updated without recreating or redefining individual aspects of the 3D design. SOLIDWORKS is a 3D Experience-enabled platform adding various innovation capabilities such as cloud storage to the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. This feature allows users and designers of SOLIDWORKS to get initiated with other users of the SOLIDWORKS Industrial designer. It is beneficial in enhancing the final designs of the product.


SOLIDWORKS assists creators in superior consumer product design and bringing them to life. All this in lesser time and cost. What's more, the software enables engineers to improve the product's functionalities at the concept design stage itself. Share this design with important stakeholders and reality post-approval.

Have questions about SOLIDWORKS for Consumer Products? Please contact Engineering Technique.

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